Celebrating the Women of UST HealthProof


As we celebrate International Women's Day, we are shining a spotlight on the contributions women make in the fields of healthcare technology. From groundbreaking innovations to transformative leadership roles, women play instrumental roles in shaping the industry landscape and revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare delivery.

“I believe that the future of healthcare technology lies in diverse perspectives and talents,” says Kevin Adams, CEO, UST HealthProof. “I’m committed to fostering an inclusive environment that not only recognizes the contributions of women in healthcare technology but actively seeks to amplify their voices and empower them to lead the way.”

At UST HealthProof, we're deeply committed to advancing women within our organization. Women have long been at the forefront of healthcare technology, spearheading initiatives that paved the way for transformative solutions. Whether it's harnessing data analytics to drive insights, pioneering health technology platforms, or innovating healthcare solutions, women consistently push boundaries and drive progress in the field. 

Recently, UST HealthProof implemented a new care management technology. The team, made up of mostly women, represents a variety of roles such as clinical professionals and technical subject matter experts. This team collaborated and used their collective industry and care knowledge to develop a service our clients need. At UST HealthProof, we are extremely proud to highlight the significant role women play in leading initiatives across every facet of our organization.


Leadership in Healthcare Technology

In addition to driving innovation, women play a pivotal role in leadership positions within the healthcare technology sector, particularly at UST HealthProof. Though women have made significant strides in healthcare technology, gender disparities still exist within the industry.

“Traditionally, women are underrepresented in technology fields,” said Laura Hancock, senior vice president of Client Success at UST HealthProof. “Top-tier organizations like UST HealthProof are making space for women by embracing their business and technology expertise. Using this formula, we’ll continue to make significant strides in the industry.”

Hancock has more than 30 years of industry knowledge. In 2018, she joined the UST HealthProof executive leadership team, which is comprised of more than 50% women. Addressing these disparities requires a concerted effort to provide women with equal opportunities for advancement and leadership roles.

“While women working in healthcare is not unusual, women in technology are not the norm. It’s an area where we have considerably more improvements to make,” said Genevieve Miller, chief people officer for UST HealthProof. “We are defying the norm with more than 60% of our workforce being women. I’m proud this organization values the contributions of everyone.” 

From research and development to executive leadership positions, women at UST HealthProof are driving innovation and shaping strategic vision. Their dedication, expertise, and passion are essential components of our success.

“We’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment where women can thrive and continue to make significant impacts in healthcare technology,” said Miller. “At UST HealthProof, we offer great benefits and resources to help advance women in the workplace. And most of these trainings are led by our own leadership, reflecting on their own experiences and expertise not only in our specialized industry, but within our own organization.” 

As we honor the achievements of women on International Women's Day, let us recognize their invaluable contributions to the field of healthcare technology and reaffirm our commitment to supporting and empowering women in their pursuit of excellence. 

Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of innovation, improve patient care, and create a brighter future for healthcare technology.

UST HealthProof marks International Women’s Day by celebrating the women of our organization.