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Aliso Viejo, CA – March 10, 2021 – UST HealthProof, a UST company, and a leading platform and services company for U.S. healthcare payers, and HealthEdge Software, (“HealthEdge”), a provider of the industry’s next-generation core administrative claims processing, care management, and payment integrity assets for payers, today announced that they have partnered with Gateway Health Plan, Inc. ("Gateway Health"), a leading managed care organization dedicated to caring for the "total health" of its members, to provide an end-to-end Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) solution for its core administration.

Gateway Health cares for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest by addressing physical health and socioeconomic challenges for nearly 350,000 Medicaid and Medicare members across Pennsylvania. Gateway Health chose UST HealthProof’s BPaaS ecosystem, powered by the HealthRules® Payor interface, for its highly configurable business rules engine, modern architecture, and business operations automation.

“The combination of the HealthEdge cloud-based enterprise payer platform, UST HealthProof’s accelerators and BPaaS capabilities will modernize our systems and improve efficiency,” said Ellen Duffield, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Gateway Health. “This new level of efficiency and effectiveness in core operations will allow our associates to have greater focus on the strategic work and innovation needed to enhance our member and provider healthcare experience.”

“Together with UST HealthProof, we are committed to automating transactional systems and providing seamless integrations across cloud-based solutions for customers like Gateway,” said Steve Krupa, HealthEdge’s Chief Executive Officer. “Government health plans implementing HealthRules Payor can quickly achieve high efficiency, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce operating expenses, and improve member and provide engagement.”

“UST HeathProof values its partnership with HealthEdge. Our modern BPaaS solution has a digital platform at its core and offers health plans, like Gateway Health, the ability to redirect focus from back-office operations to strategic member and provider-facing initiatives to improve the overall experience and quality outcomes,” said Kevin Adams, Chief Executive Officer, UST HealthProof. “Health plans have accomplished high levels of customer satisfaction and transparency by providing accurate, real-time information to everyone involved in the care continuum.”

“We serve our regional health plans with high quality, consistent and affordable services, and proven solutions. The HealthEdge solution suite enables health plans like Gateway Health the opportunity to reduce administrative costs,” said Raj Sundar, President, UST HealthProof.

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About Gateway Health


At Gateway Health, we believe in caring for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest. We see a future in which everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their best health. Through our leading Medicaid and Medicare programs, Gateway Health is coordinating healthcare that goes beyond doctors and medicine that helps members achieve not just physical health, but also delivers whole person care. Our associates are helping to drive this new kind of healthcare in collaboration with a network of 29,000 primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other ancillary providers. Gateway Health is also committed to supporting our neighbors through our many community outreach and engagement programs.


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About HealthEdge


HealthEdge provides modern, disruptive healthcare IT solutions that health insurers use to leverage new business models, improve outcomes, drastically reduce administrative costs, and connect everyone in the healthcare delivery cycle. Its next-generation enterprise solution suite, HealthRules, is built on modern, patented technology and is delivered to customers via the HealthEdge Cloud or onsite deployment. In 2020, HealthEdge was acquired by Blackstone. HealthEdge’s portfolio includes HealthRules Payor®, Altruista Health’s GuidingCare®, and Burgess Source®. Follow HealthEdge, on Twitter @HealthEdge or on LinkedIn.


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UST HealthProof, a UST company, is on a mission to reduce administrative cost and play a role in shaping how the future of healthcare is delivered through consumer centricity. Our proven core admin solutions and business process-as-a-service (BPaaS) provide transparency, improve operational efficiency, break down operational barriers to scale and drive strategic growth. 


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For more than 20 years, UST has worked side by side with the world’s best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people and led by purpose, UST partners with clients from design to operation. Through a nimble approach, UST identifies their clients’ core challenges, and crafts disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, UST embeds innovation and agility into clients’ organizations—delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries, and around the world. With over 26,000 employees in 25 countries, UST builds for boundless impact—touching billions of lives in the process. Find out more at


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